LSR (liquid silicone rubber) moulding enables mass production of very flexible and durable silicone products. LSR is hardened using high purity platinum and low compression set. This type of silicone is highly stable and resistant to a wide range of temperatures, which makes it suitable for use in manufacturing of products which must meet the above-mentioned requirements. Due to its thermosetting ability, moulding of liquid silicone rubber (LSR) is performed as part of special treatment consisting in keeping the material at a low temperature before it is vulcanised.

LSR is also distinguished by its water repellency, which makes it perfect for isolating electrical surfaces. Other typical products of LSR are those that require high precision, such as seals, sealing membranes, multi-pin connectors, products for infants, medical products, menstrual cups or kitchen utensils.

Our additional offer includes: coating (fluoride coatings, PTFE), metal reinforcement, product marking, cryogenic treatment (flash removal).