<h1>Silicone profiles</h1>
We use solid silicone and sponge silicone for manufacturing silicone profiles.

Extrusion methods
<li>Vertical extrusion</li>
<li>Horizontal extrusion</li>
In addition, we offer: cutting into sections, curing as oval profiles, closing in frames, versions with self-adhesive tape, coating (with fluorine, PTFE), metal reinforcements, product marking.

Our silicone profiles are manufactured with the extrusion method resulting in the huge variety of shapes we can achieve – from simple round, rectangular, trapezoidal cross-sections, to complex and unavailable elsewhere multi-cellular shapes, etc.

Thanks to thousands of our own designs already implemented into production, we are able to offer our Customers an almost limitless choice, as well as create completely new, even very uncommon designs.