Silicone hoses

We use solid silicone and sponge silicone for manufacturing silicone hoses.

  • Standard (geometrically round or naturally oval)
  • Aramid, polyester, glass fibre braided medium pressure hoses

The hoses are manufactured with the extrusion method, and due to the properties of silicone rubber they are suitable for conveying media, electrical insulation or as covers, for example in conveyor rollers.

Our experience and tools allow us to manufacture hoses with very large internal diameters while maintaining their round shape. We are able to obtain internal diameters of 0.5-80 mm and 0.5-30 mm wall thickness – with different hardness.

Maintaining flexibility at high and low temperatures, resistance to many chemical compounds, hydrophobic properties, resistance to steam and resistance to temperatures of up to 300°C, resistance to multiple dry and steam sterilisation, make that the silicone hoses are among others used in the food industry, pharmaceutical and medical industry, in household appliances and equipment intended for everyday use.

On request, we manufacture hoses in almost all RAL colours, colourless, semi-transparent and of special compounds, such as antistatic, detectable by metal detectors, chemically pure – cross-linked with platinum and other compounds. Our products are certified and approved according to European standards and requirements, such as among others BfR, REACH, RoHS, Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004, DIN EN 45545-2.

Silicone hoses are used, among others as:

  • Electrical insulating hoses
  • Liquid medium supply hoses
  • Air supply and return hoses for pneumatic gaskets
  • Hoses for coating conveyor rollers
  • Hoses used in medicine
  • And many more